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Standing-out-2The term hashtag has become a universally used word. But do you actually know what hashtagging means and how you can use it properly in your marketing?

Social Media Examiner has put out this really great article on how to make sure your hashtags are done properly.

Some of the major points when creating hashtags:

– Choose something unique
– Choose something easy to remember
– Search for your idea first to see if it’s already been done
– Don’t use extra hashtags to try to show up in more searches

Read the full article here – Social Media Examiner

Nicole Germond
Nicole Germond is the Digital Manager at Refract Marketing and is responsible for clients' websites, social campaigns, and digital strategies. Creating new, or building on to clients' existing marketing campaigns, she oversees and manages strategy implementation and maintains the client's online image.

Her specialties include copywriting, web design and development, social media, community management, email marketing, and digital media.

"This is the digital revolution and I plan to be a part of it!"


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