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Should your small business pay for SEO services?

A lot of small businesses come to us with the question – “Company such-and-such has promised they can get our website to the first page of Google. Should we do it?” The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no, so I’d like to look at firstly what this actually means, and then give you some advice that might help in your decision making.

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How to Plan and Set Up Your Marketing Budget

I am working with a client at the moment to help them determine their marketing budget. During the process I realised that many organisations, especially the smaller ones, have no idea how to determine their annual marketing spend.

Which is perfectly understandable – it is especially difficult for start-ups and newer businesses to figure out their spend because they don’t have the history of sales to help them – but as a business it is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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Employees and Social Media – An Infographic

Many businesses like social media for brand promotion but won’t let their employees use it. There are definite risks involved in allowing employees to use social media, but since they are probably using it anyway some industries have chosen to use it to their advantage. Here is an interesting infographic on the stats of employees and social media.

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How to Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

The term hashtag has become a universally used word. But do you actually know what hashtagging means and how you can use it properly in your marketing?

Social Media Examiner has put out this really great article on how to make sure your hashtags are done properly.

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Content Marketing for B2B

Content Is King! This infographic from highlights the growth and innovation in content marketing. “There’s no denying the rise of content marketing, and its emergence

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Many businesses try to engage in social media but spend their time talking about their business rather than engaging with their community. They get poor results and can’t understand why their social media is ineffective.

There is one main point that these businesses have forgotten: social media is just that – social. It requires a certain etiquette and level of personality, just like any social situation in the real world.

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Advertising Online for Small Businesses

I have a friend. This friend works at a fairly well-known South African digital publication in the sales department. The other day he told me that he had a small client who had spent R3500 on advertising in their weekly newsletter, and as with most of their clients, had just not seen any results.

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How to Write an Elevator Pitch

I am one of those small business owners who has never bothered much with the traditional business processes. However, as the business has grown, I have started to find that the processes and business tools that business owners always talk about are becoming more and more necessary.

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